Cincinnati Chimney CleaningThe best way to prevent fires in your chimney is to have a Cincinnati chimney cleaning at least once a year. Depending on the wood you burn, you may want to have chimney cleaning more often. If your burn a lot, you may need more than once a year, especially if you have an older stove. Cincinnati Chimney CleaningWith safety in mind, a fully cleaned and safe chimney will ensure the enjoyment of your fireplace for years to come.


Annual chimney inspections are a necessity to keep any chimney operating efficiently and safely. Best Cincinnati Roofing is a sister company to Best Cincinnati Chimney. They offer not only inspections, but a professionally trained chimney sweep to keep your chimney looking and operating safely. It’s possible that the chimney could have deterioration, and sweeping the chimney will help avoid unwanted fires. Keeping the chimney clean will help avoid fuel buildup. This can cause acid to shorten the life of the fireplace and chimney overall.  If your fireplace has a strong aroma, regardless of the season, then you may have creosote deposits in the chimney. A good chimney sweeping will help this, but it may take a couple of cleans before the aroma goes away. You may also need a Professional Creosote Removal (PCR) to get the hard stuff out. Commercial chimney deodorants are also available.


When we schedule a cleaning with you, we will first inspect the chimney for deterioration and carbon build up. Once we determine that a cleaning is needed, we will use poly brushes, as well as connector rods to clean the total flue. Our vacuum sweeper will pull all ash out of the air, which protects your air filters from possible damage.

Cincinnati Chimney CleaningEven if you heat with gas, it’s still important to have your chimney cleaned to ensure nothing is blocking the flue. Gas is generally a clean burning fuel, but a good inspection and cleaning can’t hurt. The last thing you want is a chimney fire that could have been easily prevented with a quick inspection and a Cincinnati chimney cleaning.

Best Cincinnati Roofing is committed to helping you enjoy a safe, well-maintained, properly working chimney and fire place. Be sure to call us today and schedule your Cincinnati chimney cleaning.