Gutter Aprons and Drip Edges

Gutter Aprons and Drip Edges: What’s the Difference and Why Are They Important? 

When collecting estimates for gutter or roof repairs, it is helpful to know the terminology and what exactly you are getting. Two such terms that the average homeowner might run into is a Drip Edge and a Gutter Apron. The difference between the two is miniscule so it is not uncommon for the two to be mistaken for the other.  

What is a Drip Edge? 

A Drip Edge is a “T” shaped piece of metal that slips under the roofing material. It is attached directly to the trim and sits behind the back of the gutter. The entire metal sheath fits around the edge of a roof and protects is from any moisture that might seep in under the shingles. 

What is a Gutter Apron? 

A Gutter Apron, also known as L- Metal, is installed above your roof decking and sits over the edge of your gutter. Gutter aprons are installed right under your shingles as well. This directs water straight into the gutter system and also protects your roof line from excess moisture.  

Both of these materials have identical functions. They protect your fascia board from water that could wood rot. In most states, it is not required to have a Drip Edge or a Gutter Apron but it is highly recommended. They are rising in popularity due to it being inexpensive to install and can save a homeowner a lot of money in future repairs. It is highly suggested to have a professional take a look at your gutter system and roof line to recommend what would be best for your home. 


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