How Long do Cincinnati Roofs Last?

Cincinnati RoofsDo you live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area? Have you lived in this region for quite a while now? If so, then you know how hard the weather can be on Cincinnati roofs. Between thunderstorms with hail and wind in the summer and heavy snowfall and ice in the winter, your poor roof cannot catch a break. In this short guide, you will be informed of the length of time roofs in the Ohio area last.

1. Asphalt shingled roofs

The main covering of a roof deck is that of shingles, and more specifically asphalt shingles. Most coverings that are placed on Cincinnati roofs should last a decade or two in typical weather conditions. The most commonly used roof covering is asphalt shingles. They will usually last you twenty years under normal wear. If a colossal windstorm blows through, just like falling gutters or damage to the HVAC, you will have missing shingles that need to be replaced. Under normal circumstances, your asphalt shingles will last two decades. There are even premium asphalt shingles that are good for fifty years!

2. Metal Cincinnati roofs

If you elect to go with a metal roof on your home, you can be guaranteed to have quality-roofing materials for the next forty to eighty years. If you choose a classic rib steel roof panel, the metal roofing will be excellent in the snowy part of the state as it is great for melting snow rapidly without causing ice damming. It is also lightweight and fire resistant. It meets up with the chimney and flashing tightly to avoid chimney repairs as well.

3. Wood shakes

Another type of roof covering is wood shingles or shakes. Wood does not seem like it would be a good choice because timber traps moisture and can cause wood rot and mold. This is not so with wood shakes. They keep the moisture from pooling on your roof, so the rainwater is not allowed to seep into the roof deck. If you utilize wood shingles for your shelter, you can expect the shingles to last approximately thirty years or more.

4. Clay & slate materials

Just like remodeling and particular painting colors are very specific to the individual homeowner, so is roofing choices. The last significantly used covering for Cincinnati roofs is clay and slate tiles. These tiles will last your entire lifetime as they are rated for one hundred years or more. There is an underlay that sits below the clay or slate tiles, and this underlay needs to be replaced every twenty years due to wear and tear as well as standard weather conditions. If you cannot replace your shingles or underlay regularly, make sure to check out a local and experienced roofing handyman to assist you with your needs.

As you can see, various roof coverings can go on your Cincinnati, Ohio home. Whether you have your roof covered with metal, asphalt shingles, wood shakes, or clay tiles, Cincinnati roofs like yours will last a very long time if you keep them inspected and maintained regularly. If you follow our advice on the recommended length of time your roof will survive, you will have a fully functional roof for many years to come!


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