5 Signs Your Cincinnati Commercial Roofing has Experienced Water Damage

Cincinnati Commercial Roofing With winter coming in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, it is essential to know the signs of water damage to your roof from melting snow and ice. If you have Cincinnati commercial roofing installation or repair on your home, this article is for you. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top five signs your roof has experienced water damage.

  1. Missing shingles

If you look up to the roof and can see spots where the shingles are missing, you may have water damage to your attic. Shingles are the first line defense from the moisture of your roof. It keeps the water running into the gutters instead of leaking into your attic. If the shingles are present, but they are curling at the edges or are cracking, these are also signs they may need to be replaced. Have a local and experienced handyman check your shingles for you to make sure water damage has not already occurred.

  1. Moist insulation

Another sign that your Cincinnati commercial roofing may have water damage is if the attic insulation is wet. Damp insulation is a terrible sign and shows that a leak has been occurring for quite a long time and needs to be repaired immediately. Another sign to look for on the insulation is if it has mold growing on it. This also means the material has been moist for some time. Lastly, if you can see sunlight beaming down through the roof when you look up in the attic, rain has been falling into the attic as well. This means not only is the roof damaged, but the ceiling of your upstairs may need repair as well, especially if it is starting to crumble.

  1. Non-functioning flashing

If you have a chimney, then you most likely have had to have a chimney repair performed. Chimney flashings are notorious for leaking and can cause water damage to the roof. Rainwater can leak around the flashing causing severe damage. If you do not have a chimney, but instead a flat roof, you can also have leaks occur. The flashing around your vent pipes or rooftop unit can allow rainwater to seep in and wood rot, mold, and water damage can happen to your roof.

  1. Loss of shingle granules

If you have performed power washing on your home and roof in the past, you may notice a few shingle granules in the gutter, which is entirely reasonable. If you see many pellets in the troughs, then you may need to have your Cincinnati commercial roofing checked to make sure you have not experienced water damage. Multiple granules in the drainage system can mean that your shingles are not functioning well and rainwater could be softening the wood deck of the roof, which can result in wood rot or worse.

  1. Older Cincinnati commercial roofing

If you have an older Cincinnati home, then your roof can have normal wear and tear on it. Just like the HVAC system eventually wears out after so many years of use, so does your roof. If your roof has experienced multiple winters with heavy snowfall, you may have a minor water leak and not even know it. The constant freezing and thawing of ice and snow on your roof can cause it to wear and create small holes that require it to be replaced due to its age.

As you can see, multiple signs show if your Cincinnati commercial roofing has destruction to the roof from water or moisture. Whether your roofing has missing shingles, loss of shingle granules, weak flashing, an aging roof, or attic insulation that is wet or non-existent, your roof can be repaired from the water damaged it has suffered. If you follow our advice on the top five signs your roof has experienced water damage, you can quickly get it fixed without the hassle of significant remodeling to your Cincinnati home!



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