3 Cincinnati Residential Roofing Dangers you May Experience in Winter

Cincinnati residential roofing Brrrr…Winter in Cincinnati, Ohio, has reared its ugly head once again. That means frigid temperatures, blizzard-like conditions, scooping the sidewalk of snow, and Cincinnati residential roofing problems, which can include leaks, issues with ice, and structural damage to your roof. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top three Cincinnati residential roofing dangers that you may experience within your home this winter.

1. Ice Damming

What the heck is ice damming? Cincinnati residential roofing ice dams occur when the temperature of your roof heats up from heat loss in the attic. This causes the snow and ice on your roof to start to melt quickly. This rapid rush of water fills the overly cold gutters, and the water refreezes. It can cause icicles or large chunks of ice in your troughs depending on how much snow melted and how frozen the gutters were. This ice can cause problems as it creates excess weight on the drainage system, which can then cause it to sag or pull it off the house, potentially landing on the HVAC system or ripping the exterior painting coat off with it. To avoid this situation, make sure to clean your gutters out in the fall and insulate your attic before winter sets in to prevent heat loss to the roof.

2. Cincinnati residential roofing water leaks

A water leak is never something you want to find in your home. It usually means trouble, and the more you look into it, the worse it becomes. This is because a water leak from the roof can go unnoticed for many weeks or months. This can cause the leak to become worse and even allow mold growth to occur. One way to prevent water leaks is to inspect your roof regularly. Make sure you are up to date on your shingle replacement as well. Have an expert check your roof frequently to avoid any type of water leaks.

3. Structural damage

The last danger that can occur to your Cincinnati residential roofing materials is structural damage. This can happen when a natural disaster such as an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or high winds influences the Cincinnati, Ohio area. It can tear part of your roof off as well as damage other areas of the roof including the vents, the chimney, and soffits. This can cause you to perform repairs and remodeling to your roof, which can be expensive and time-consuming. One way to prevent roof damage is to inspect your roof after any storms that roll through the Cincinnati area. Make sure to look for missing shingles, flashing damage, or structural damage from a downed tree branch on your roof. If you find any signs of damage, call a professional roofing team immediately.

As you can see, many problems could occur to your home’s roof this winter season. Whether you have a leaky roof, ice damming, or structural damage to your roof, take solace in knowing that your roof, as well as any chimney repairs, can be performed by a local roofing crew or an experienced handyman in the area. If you follow our advice on the top three Cincinnati residential roofing dangers that you could experience this winter in your Cincinnati home, you will prevail and have the most solid roof over your head for many years to come!

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