The Pros and Cons of Installing Snow Guards on your Cincinnati Gutters

Cincinnati gutters With snow in the Ohio region, you as a homeowner are trying everything you can to keep the snow off your roof and gutters to prevent water leaks and extra weight on the channels. One great way to accomplish both is to install snow guards. Snow guards avoid ice and snowpack from falling off the roof and onto individuals or animals below. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top four reasons you should install snow guards on your Cincinnati gutters.

1. Utilize on steep roofs

If your home has a steep roof, you have a much higher chance of the snow starting to melt and sliding off the roof onto an unsuspecting individual walking past your home. Since the sun shines during the day, the bottom portion of the snow melts and then when night falls, the water refreezes causing snowpack that can easily slide off the roof. Installing snow guards on your Cincinnati gutters would prevent the massive avalanche of snow from hitting a pedestrian. Flat roofs do not appear to need snow guards, as they do not have the falling of the snowpack as steep roofs do.

2. Aesthetics

If you are worried about the aesthetics of what snows guards will do to the look of your home, do not be. Snow guards themselves are much more pleasing to view than the corrosive material your gutters are made of. In addition, your exterior painting job should be bright and intact if you had power washing performed in the summer or fall, so the snow guards will not even be noticed. The snow guards will make your home look much better by hiding some of the rust that is currently in your older drainage system.

3. Utilize on metal roofs

Another critical reason to install snow guards on your Cincinnati gutters is if you have roofing material that is made of metal or wood. Metal is often a choice for many individuals who replace their roof due to the longevity that a metal roof brings. However, metal is a slippery slope, literally, and it is advised to place snow guards on your gutters to prevent a massive snowfall from the metal roof. If you choose not to, the troughs often act as a catch, causing additional ice formation and making the problem even worse. Asphalt roofs do not appear to need snow guards.

4. Cincinnati gutters and safety

The last essential reason to place snow guards on your Cincinnati gutters is for safety. If you get a lot of snow, which Ohio does, you will not know when it is going to fall off and potentially bury you from the force of the snowfall. To keep the roof safe, as well as the gutters and yourself or any passersby, you need to install snow guards to your drainage system. They will prevent snowfall as well as ice formation in the drains.

As you can see, there are multiple reasons to install snow guards on your home. Whether you proceed for aesthetics, because you own a steep roof, or have a safety concern, you will be glad you made the choice to install snow guards. If you follow our advice on the pros and cons of investing in snow guards on your Cincinnati gutters, you will have the best looking, and safest home in all of Ohio!

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