The Ultimate Roof Repair Safety Guide 

Cincinnati winters can be hard on your roof. Thunderstorms can produce heavy rain and intense hail, and snowstorms and ice can damage the top layer of your home. If this occurred and you have damage to your roof, you need to have your  roofing repairs done immediately. A Cincinnati roofing contractor and a team of Cincinnati roofers can assist you in this endeavor, but if you decide to try it yourself, this short guide will be inform you of the top four ways to perform safe roofing repairs on your home.  

  1. Use the appropriate equipment & clothing

An essential tip when keeping yourself and others safe when fixing your roof is to use the proper equipment and materials. Do not use an old ladder that you do not trust. Make sure to use a properly functioning fiberglass ladder to prevent ladder shifts, as fiberglass ladders are heavier. Fiberglass ladders also prevent electrocutions if the ladder were to encounter a live wire. Also, make sure to wear the appropriate clothing. Sturdy, flat footwear, gloves, kneepads, and comfortable clothing are all-necessary.  Clothing that is not baggy or loose is best, as it will not catch on the ladder, gutters, or other items when ascending or descending the ladder for roofing repairs. 

  1. Hire a professional team

The next best tip when keeping yourself and others safe when roofing repairs are completed is to hire the work out to a professional roofing handyman or roofing company. These folks do this for a living on a daily basis and have been certified in safety for this type of work. Just like with HVAC maintenance, chimney cleaning, gutter repairs, power washing, exterior painting, simple remodeling, and chimney repairs, make sure to investigate the company thoroughly to determine if they are respectable, accountable and insured before hiring them to perform roofing repairs for you! 

  1. Stay on top of the weather

Another critical tip to keep in mind when performing roofing repairs and preventing injuries is to watch the weather. A Cincinnati roofing contractor will also be watching the weather closely if you have hired a team of Cincinnati roofers to complete your roofing project. If you are doing this work as a ‘do it yourself’ project, cancel the plans for the day if a storm crops up as being on the roof is not an ideal place to be in the midst of a thunderstorm with lightning present. Also, if it is a hot day, drink plenty of water and wear lots of sunscreen. If it is windy, make sure your ladder is secured and that you have a helper to assist you on the roof.  

  1. Call your insurance company

The last tip to heed when discussing safety with roofing repairs is to inform your insurance company of the repair work. Maybe they have already been contacted if damage was found due to a storm, but if not, verify that they have been notified to make sure the work is covered and that you have plenty of insurance available if a fall or other injury were to occur.  

As you can see, many things could go wrong when fixing the roof. However, there are multiple ways to stay safe when performing roofing repairs. A Cincinnati roofing contractor will be in charge of the overall operation, and his team of Cincinnati roofers will be performing the work if you choose not to repair your own roof, which is advised. They will be very cautious with their job performance, and if both you and they follow our top four ways to perform safe roofing repairs on your home, you will have a brand new roof with no safety issues that occurred! 



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