5 Alternative Cincinnati Residential Roofing Materials To Consider

Cincinnati Residential Roofing
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In an area like Cincinnati, residential roofing plays a bigger role in the protection of your home. The weather can be somewhat more severe at times and your house can end up taking a beating if you don’t use the proper building materials. Your roof is the main form of protection for your home and it keeps everything bad outside. It is crucial that it is well taken care of and given proper consideration.

Modern advancements and technology are giving the world a new array of building material options, and this extends into roofing materials too. If you are looking for a Cincinnati roofing contractor or a Cincinnati residential roofing company, there are many reputable companies available. Cincinnati roofers have the newest and most innovative materials and are also well versed in chimney repair due to power washing damage and Cincinnati storm damage.

Keep reading more below if you are a homeowner interested to know about some of these great new Cincinnati roofing options.

Green/Environmental Roofing

With everyone trying to do their part to save our planet, green roofs have become a very viable alternative. This trend is something that has actually been used for many years in certain parts of the world. With a green or ‘living’ roof, you will have an actual garden on the top of your home. Not only do they help the environment, but they also offer a wonderful amount of insulation and protection for your home.

Copper Roofing

Copper has been used for thousands of years for countless applications throughout history. If money is not an issue for your Cincinnati residential roofing needs, then you would be hard-pressed to find something that looks better in the sunlight. Copper will give you the same practical effect that other metal roofing materials will, and it will certainly make a statement.

Synthetic Roofing

Just about every industry in the world uses synthetic material in some way, shape, or form and Cincinnati roofs can benefit. Synthetic roof tiles can be used in place of traditional materials such as slate. These options are often molded from rubber and plastic-based materials, and because they are constructed in a uniform, predictable manner installation is easier. This is a wonderfully economic option for most people and they require very little in the form of maintenance.

Recycled Roofing

Going along with the environmental theme, recycled roofing is becoming a very affordable and desirable alternative for roofing material. Recycled composite shingles are very similar to synthetic tiles except they’re constructed almost entirely from recycled materials. If you are a business owner with a green ethos, choosing recycled materials for your Cincinnati commercial roofing is a great fit due to their extended lifetimes and environmentally friendly characteristics.

Built-Up Roofing

The last alternative roofing material is an interesting one that gives homeowners with flat roofs another option for protection. Built-up roofing has been used primarily in commercial buildings as it comes with a higher price-tag. Traditionally made from tar-and-gravel, built-up roofs can now be constructed from synthetic rubbers, thermoplastics and modified bitumen materials. Now more affordable, they are becoming more widely used in Cincinnati residential roofing due to improved connections and a longer expected life.

Choice For Your Cincinnati Residential Roofing Materials

You know how important it is to have proper protection overhead, and it is always nice to have options. Nowadays you have many different materials available, in various price ranges, that can give you a unique look you as well as the protection your home needs. Take your time to research all of your options so you can make the right choice for your Cincinnati residential roofing.

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