With winter coming in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, it is essential to know the signs of water damage to your roof from melting snow and ice. If you have Cincinnati commercial roofing installation or repair on your home, this article is for you. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top five

How Long do Cincinnati Roofs Last?

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Do you live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area? Have you lived in this region for quite a while now? If so, then you know how hard the weather can be on Cincinnati roofs. Between thunderstorms with hail and wind in the summer and heavy snowfall and ice in the winter, your poor roof cannot catch

Fall in the Cincinnati, Ohio area is a beautiful time of the year. The leaves are falling, and the temperatures are cooler. With the cool temperatures comes the best time to perform Cincinnati roofing repairs or even hire a Cincinnati roofing contractor. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top four reasons

The summer is a busy time in the Cincinnati, Ohio area for roofing contractor. Gutter installation and gutter maintenance along with roofing repairs are a hot commodity and roofing, and gutter crews are out in full force this summer showing excellent customer service skills by helping you as a homeowner. In this short guide, you

The Importance of Gutters

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Learn how important your gutter is from the top of your house to the bottom and you will never take it for granted again! Your Gutter and your Cincinnati roof work together to protect your home. Thanks to cleanmyexterior.com for the information!

That Dirty Cincinnati Roof Everyone has driven through a neighborhood and seen a shingled roof tarnished by black streaks across the Cincinnati roof top. Ever wonder what those black streaks are?  They’re usually algae, lichens, and moss. Yes, you have a live organism eating away at your roof. They won’t eat your pets but they

5 Top Tips for Maintaining Your Roof

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   Your roof is the most important structural component of your home. If something were to happen to it, your home and budget would be in big trouble. Roofs are built to last for decades, but it’s important to realize that you should be using the following five tips to ensure your roof is maintained

Cincinnati Roof Ventilation 101

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Cincinnati roof ventilation is a complex topic. You don’t need a roofer’s expertise to understand what roof vents are, and why roof ventilation is important. Most importantly, proper ventilation allows air to circulate instead of becoming stagnant. Today, our roof ventilation 101 brakes down into three main points: preventing moisture buildup, what vents do in

Minor Cincinnati Roof Repairs

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Why should You Worry About Minor Roof Damage? Noticing a loose nail or a couple of missing shingles doesn’t alarm the average homeowner. You often find these minor roof damage repairs tacked to the end of a long list, and only when finances allow, do you schedule these fixes. Yet, every day that Cincinnati roof

What Snow and Ice Do to Your Roof

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A Cincinnati roofer has to deal with a lot of damage that comes from a lot of snow and ice buildup during the winter months. From ice dams to storm damage, letting the snow just sit up there is a bad idea. There are three common things that happen when you don’t bother cleaning the snow buildup